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I encourage you to Form Your Own Opinions and Voice Them. Say what you Believe, Believe what you say, But always be prepared to back it up.

-Patrick Ahern

The global debt clock

Great News! The US is only in debt $31,300 per person. Hold on a second, that news sucks! 

Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's Addiction

Tito Ingenieri built his house out of six million empty bottles. He will gladly teach anyone how to build this kind of ecological house that recycles materials and keeps the streets clean. In his town of Quilmes, Argentina, people gladly give him their empty bottles and admire his artistic creation.

Which state is most free when it comes to personal, social, and economic issues?

"Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom" ( ) provides one answer to just that question. Political scientists Jason Sorens (University at Buffalo) and William P Ruger (Texas State) looked at everything from drug policy to civil union statutes to business regulations and tax rates to rank each state across multiple dimensions. 

Joe Rogan on Materialism

The DJ’s on this talk show are morons but listen to what Joe says about materialism, competition, alpha males and diamonds. Fascinating.

Stop Saying, Start Doing.

Its time we take a little action against the negative aspects of society, as well as preserve what’s still good about it.

Stop Saying, Start Doing.

Its time we take a little action against the negative aspects of society, as well as preserve what’s still good about it.

Are We Reaching Peak Water?

There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.
Richard Feynman

The End of the American Dream?

Help bring this film to North America!!

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Emily James spent over a year embedded in activist groups such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid to document their clandestine activities. With unprecedented access, Just do It takes you on an astonishing journey behind the scenes of a community of people who refuse to sit back and allow the destruction of their world.

Torpedoing the tired cliches of the environmental movement, Just Do It introduces you to a powerful cast of mischievous and inspiring characters who put their bodies in the way; they super-glue themselves to bank trading floors, blockade factories and attack coal power stations en-masse, despite the very real threat of arrest. Their adventures will entertain, illuminate and inspire.

Everything Is Fine Love Your Government

Everything Is Fine Love Your Government

Rep. George Miller:

"It is fitting we’re talking about the line-item veto when we’re doing the estate tax. President clinton left you guys in the state of $5 trillion, and like irresponsible relatives, you went off and blew it and now you’re saying to the country so much like — so often serial killers leaves letters to the police. The son of sam said, help me before I kill again. You say, help me before I spend again. You control all mechanisms. You control the house, you control the senate, you control the Presidency and you need help before you spend again. What is this, comedy central? What is it you’re doing here? Help me. I can’t stop spending. Give me a line-item veto and maybe the President will veto a million here or $10 million there or $5 million there. We have an $8 trillion debt. You inherited a $5 trillion surplus. The money you’re going to give to the richest families later today in this country, the richest 7,000 families, you’re going to borrow from social security."

Occupy Wall Street Footage and News

Money Is Weird

The US is Sinking

The US is Sinking